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Vice President Ouyang Jiangxuan Meets President of All Japan Amateur Aerobics Association

2019-02-14 15:33:44

On June 20, Ouyang Jiangxuan, Vice President of Guangdong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (GPAFFC), met with Hirohisa Toda, President of All Japan Amateur Aerobics Association (JAAA).

Ouyang Jiangxuan extended a warm welcome to Toda on behalf of GPAFFC and thanked him for his commitment to advancing youth aerobics exchanges between Japan and Guangdong. The China-Japan Aerobics Exchanges Conference initiated by Toda and jointly organized by JAAA and GPAFFC has been held in more than 17 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong. It has become a brand projectactivities of GPAFFC for exchanges with Japanese youths, and promoted the popularization of aerobics in Guangdong as well as mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Japanese teenagers.

Toda thanked GPAFFC for its warm welcomehospitality. He solicitedexchanged opinions fromwith GPAFFC on the mattersworks related to co-organizing aerobics exchange activities with Guangdong in 2018, and talked about the Asian Aerobics Championships to be held in Kobe at the end of this year. He hopesd Guangdong will continue to send a team for the competition to promote youth exchanges between China and Japan.


During his stay in Guangdong, Toda also visited the pPeople’s aAssociations for fFriendship with fForeign cCountries and eEducational bBureaus of Meizhou City and Jieyang City, during which he exchanged views with relevant responsible personofficials on holding exchange events in the two cities this year.