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Zhuhai, Macao boost cross-border labor management cooperation

2022-06-07 15:25:03
source:Source: China Daily Website

The Zhuhai Bureau of Commerce and China Capital Employment Agencies Association (Macao) recently signed a cooperation agreement in which a better and more standardized labor market for Chinese mainland employment agencies exporting labor to Macao will be established, while illegal acts will be strictly cracked down on.

Mechanisms regarding collaborative working, holding joint conferences, and appointing liaison officers will be set up to enhance management on Chinese mainland employment agencies exporting labor to Macao.

As of now, 110,000 Chinese mainland residents work in Macao, accounting for 67 percent of the foreign labor force in the SAR, which has provided strong human resources support for Macao's economic prosperity and social stability.

With the continuous deepening of cooperative ties between Zhuhai and Macao, the city has become one of the largest sources of foreign workers in the SAR, with 25,700 Zhuhai residents currently working in Macao, accounting for 23 percent of the total from the Chinese mainland.

Of note, those seeking employment in Macao are required to follow legal and standard measures. At present, Zhuhai International Economic & Technological Corp and Zhuhai Foreign Trade & Labor Service Corp are the only two employment agencies in the city with business qualifications from the Ministry of Commerce. They provide services like recruitment information releases, pre-dispatch training, and certificate handling for Chinese mainland employees working in Macao.