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2022 Youth Talk Zhuhai International Online Dialogue Kicks off

2022-06-13 15:17:25
source:Source: newsgd.com

2022 Youth Talk Zhuhai International Online Dialogue officially kicks off on June 12.

The event was held by Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office, aiming to set up a communication and exchange platform for youths from Zhuhai, Macao and the sister cities against the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic, encourage them to build friendship and learn from each other, and jointly act on the vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind. About 500 young people from 8 cities of 7 countries participated in the online event by submitting their video speeches themed on “the Charm of My City”.

On June 12, the launch ceremony of 2022 Youth Talk was held in Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNU Zhuhai). Ms Tong Man, Director of Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Cheong Chok Man, Director of Macao Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau, officials of relevant municipal departments, and young representatives from Zhuhai and Macao participated in the ceremony, while Patty Peter, the 40th Mayor of Luganville City of Vanuatu, Jesry T.Palmares,Vice Mayor of Passi City of the Philippines, and young representatives from sister cities, including Braunschweig of Germany, La Spezia of Italy, Zaragoza of Spain, Surakarta of Indonesia, Luganville of Vanuatu, and Passi City of the Philippines participated online.

In her opening speech, Ms Tong Man welcomed representatives from various countries and thanked sister cities, Macao and relevant parties for their great contribution to 2022 Youth Talk. She hoped the online event, whereby young people from different cities home and abroad can engage in dialogues, will boost the international friendship between sister cities and encourage young people to share a global perspective and join hands in building a bright shared future.

In the event, 11 video speeches presented by 23 young representatives, which are selected from over 500 entries, are streamed to global audience, displaying the charm of each city from various perspectives and sharing young people’s personal bond with their cities. Interactions between young people have also demonstrated their unwavering and pioneering spirit as well as their commitment to jointly creating a beautiful future together.

Youth Talk is a brand event initiated by Zhuhai Foreign Affairs Office in 2022 for enhancing youth exchanges. 2022 Youth Talk is co-hosted by Macao Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau, Information Office of Zhuhai Municipal People's Government and Zhuhai Education Bureau, and organized by BNU Zhuhai.