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Main Duties of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission, CPC Guangdong Committee

2019-01-16 16:27:20

(1)To implement national foreign policies and related laws and regulations, and draft and organize to implement foreign affairs work plan.    

(2) To study and analyze major issues concerning foreign affairs and international concerns.

(3) To take charge of the overall planning and coordination of the province’s foreign exchanges and guide principal foreign exchanges conducted by sub-provincial regions and provincial government departments.  

(4 )To coordinate efforts to handle the province’s marine and maritime affairs.

(5) To organize reception of foreign state, party and parliamentary guests, friendly people, business leaders and other distinguished guests visiting Guangdong. To arrange or regulate the activities of foreign diplomats and journalists visiting Guangdong for official purposes. To examine and approve holding international conferences in and inviting foreign nationals to Guangdong.

(6) To take charge of negotiations with foreign diplomatic and consular missions in China, on behalf of the province. To regulate the actitivies of foreign consular missions in Guangzhou and news agencies in Guangdong.

(7) To assist in the protection of the lawful rights and interests of Chinese citizens and institutions from Guangdong abroad. To coordinate efforts to handle major cases and incidents in Guangdong which involve foreign nationals and legal persons.

(8) To plan and coordinate exchanges and cooperation between the province and sub-national regions of foreign countries, such as establishing sister province relationship with foreign sub-national regions and conducting exchanges with sister provinces.