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2019-02-14 15:04:06
source:China Daily

Yangjiang is a prefecture-level city founded in 1988 in southeastern Guangdong province. It borders Maoming to the west, Yunfu to the north, Jiangmen to the east, and looks out over the South China Sea to the south.

Yangjiang is one of the most popular coastal tourist cities in China, and has won national honors as a top city for tourism, the National Garden City, the Hometown of Kites, and attracts visitors from around home and abroad.

Boasting rich natural resources, the city is home to various specialized products and seafood, among which the most famous ones are fermented soya beans, sea cucumbers, and mixed wines.

Covering an area of 7955 square kilometers, Yangjiang has a population of 2.97 million, while its per capita GDP ranking is near the top of northeast Guangdong.

Yangjiang has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, with an annual average temperature around 22 C.

The city also has very convenient transportation net that links to other cities around the world.