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2019-02-14 15:04:03
source:China Daily

Zhongshan, a prefecture-level municipality under the direct jurisdiction of Guangdong province, has 24 affiliated towns and districts.

Located at the south mid of the Pearl River Delta, it covers a total area of 1,800 square kilometers. It borders Guangzhou on the north and is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao SARs. With an annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade, Zhongshan has a permanent population of 3.23 million.

Zhongshan has nurtured numerous prominent historical figures throughout its history. On November 12, 1866, Dr. Sun Yat-sen (also Sun Zhongshan,) the great forerunner of China's democratic revolution, was born at Cuiheng village of Xiangshan county. In memory of him, the county of Xiangshan, which was set up in 1152, was renamed after Dr. Sun as Zhongshan in 1925. Now, Zhongshan is China's only city that is named after a great historical figure.

The city is also a famous ancestral homeland for overseas Chinese. Over 800,000 overseas Chinese living in 87 countries and regions around the world including Hong Kong and Macao SARs and Taiwan province can trace their ancestry to Zhongshan.

Zhongshan's investing environment is very attractive. The city boasts of a total road mileage of 1,153 kilometers with a road network extending in all directions, mainly composed of national trunk roads, local trunk roads and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway. Within a radius of 90 km, there are five big airports in vicinity of Zhongshan, located respectively in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. Railways have access to all parts of China via Guangzhou. Zhongshan has established three major ports, including Zhongshan Port in the east, Shenwan Port in the South and Xiaolan Port in the North. It only takes 75 minutes from Zhongshan to Hong Kong by hydrofoil.