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2019-02-14 13:06:59
source:China Daily

Located in the middle of Guangdong, Qingyuan is the largest prefecture-level city with the most number of ethnic people in the province. It enjoys rich water resources and tops Guangdong in terms of ecology, water and tourism. Crowned as the “back garden of the Pearl River Delta”, Qingyuan is home to five kinds of tourist resources, namely natural landscapes, historical and cultural relics, rivers, karst caves, hot springs and folk customs.

A total of 62 kinds of minerals have been surveyed in Qingyuan, with 15 of the deposits accounting for the most in the province. The city is also a key ceramic material base in China, as well as being home to a vast range of conservation and protection bases for endangered animals.

The city of Qingyuan attaches great importance to international exchanges and has established close friendships with a number of overseas cities and regions, including the Redwood City in California, Dunedin in New Zealand, Kunsan and Sacheon in South Korea.