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2019-02-14 13:06:54
source:China Daily

Maoming is a coastal city, located in southwest of South China's Guangdong province. Facing the South China Sea, the city is 362 kilometers from Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. Maoming is often referred to as the “Petroleum City in South China”, and is one of the biggest petrochemical bases in the country, with an annual refining capacity of 13.5 million metric tons and annual ethylene production of 380,000 tons. It is also an important base for energy and raw materials.

Maoming boasts a long and sinuous coastline extending more than 220 kilometers. It is reputed for its fine natural seaports for refined oil and aquatic products, such as Shuidong Port and Bohe Port. Shuidong Port is a national first-class port capable of handling 14.5 million tons of cargo annually. Bohe Port is one of the three biggest fishing ports in Guangdong province, prolific in lobsters, prawns, sea cucumbers, weever fish, and green crabs. Bohe Port is Guangdong's number one fishing port.

Maoming is also a strong fruit producer in China. It has vast orchards and boundless fields of lychees, longans, bananas and mangos, bringing huge potential for eco-agriculture tourism.

With thousands of years of development, Maoming has a great number of cultural relics. Famous tourist attractions such as Xiantai Temple, Guanshan Temple, Baoguang Pogoda and other tourist sites have become a big draw for visitors from home and abroad.