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Heilongjiang Province-Guangdong Province-Khabarovskiy Kray of Russia video meeting

2022-09-30 10:13:36

    On August 23, the governors of Heilongjiang Province, Guangdong Province, and Khabarovskiy Kray of Russia held a video meeting. Hu Changsheng, Governor of Heilongjiang Province, Wang Weizhong, Governor of Guangdong Province, and Degtyarev, Governor of Khabarovskiy Kray of Russia, attended the meeting and jointly signed the memorandum on Economic and Trade Cooperation.

    2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the signing of the agreement on establishing sister relationship between Guangdong Province and the Khabarovskiy Kray, and the 30th anniversary of the signing of the long-term friendship and economic and trade cooperation agreement between Heilongjiang Province and the Khabarovskiy Kray.