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A letter to all foreign nationals in Guangdong

2020-02-01 18:00:00
source:Foreign Affairs Office, Guangdong People's Government

Foreign friends in Guangdong,

At the critical time of epidemic prevention and control, we would first like to extend our gratitude to all foreign friends who have supported Guangdong's endeavor in combating the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia.

Since the outbreak, all Chinese nationals have worked as one with a strong will to surmount the urgent situation under the strong leadership of the CPC. The international community speaks highly of China's open and transparent practices, and expresses full confidence in China in winning the battle against the epidemic. As applauded by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the rapid response and massive mobilization scale of China are rarely seen in the world. It demonstrates the advantages of its system, and the experience of China amounts to an example for other countries.

Guangdong Province took the lead among all the provinces in establishing a prevention and control leading group, making scientific and meticulous arrangements, and timely activating the Level I Public Health Emergency Response. At present, Guangdong has taken law-based, scientific, robust and effective measures in curbing the epidemic. As such, the society is stable with sufficient supply of daily necessities, functional public transportation, and smooth transportation for medical, essential and epidemic control related supplies. There is no plan for city lockdowns.

The situation of epidemic prevention and control remains severe, whereas false and unverified information are commonly seen on various social medias. We therefore strongly suggest you to follow the official information released by the National Health Commission, Guangdong Health Commission as well as Guangdong Provincial Information Office for the latest update. Please remain calm, while refrain from trusting or spreading misleading information. We also advise you to frequently wash your hands and open the window for ventilation, stop any gathering, reduce outdoor activities, and wear masks. It is essential to voluntarily accept body temperature checks for your own health, and follow quarantine advices given by professional institutions and personnels. Should there be any problem, please turn to local foreign affairs office/bureau or your Consulate General nearest to you for help.

We have every reason to believe that the overwhelming victory on the battle against the epidemic is dawning with strong determination, concerted efforts as well as scientific and tailored measures. Thank you for your understanding and support!

We wish you a prosperous and healthy year of mouse!

Foreign Affairs Office, Guangdong People's Government

January 31st, 2020

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Contact of Provincial and Municipal Foreign Affairs Office/Bureaus in Guangdong

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Designated Hospitals for Emerging Infectious Diseases in Guangdong