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Guangdong encourages residents to use online public services

2020-02-02 14:32:01

According to the press conference, Guangdong encourages residents to access public services online via Guangdong's digital government platform, including the official website of Guangdong government services (http://www.gdzwfw.gov.cn/, in Chinese), the mini-program "Yueshengshi (粤省事)" and the app "Yueshangtong (粤商通)". 

These online platforms offer as many as over 800 thousand unique services. Residents can easily access the government services online and receive relevant certification by post. At present, the mini-program "Yueshengshi (粤省事)" provides services including driver's license application and services concerning social insurance and housing funds. 

Moreover, residents can login through the "Yueshangtong (粤商通)" app and access over 400 services including company registration, investment project approval and corporate annual reporting.