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Zhuhai Planning Sci-tech Inno Center to be capped by year end

2022-07-15 14:58:36
source:Source: China Daily Website

The five-floor podium building of the Zhuhai Planning Sci-tech Innovation Center was topped off on July 11 and construction on its main building's structure will begin soon, with the project's main structure expected to be capped by year end.

Located south of Zhuhai Sports Center and north of Zhuhai Chaolian School in New Xiangzhou, the center has floorage of 81,000 sqm (20 acres). Its main building has 24 floors, of which two are underground.

Applying the concept of green architecture, fair-faced concrete is used to make the buildings' façade smooth with even color. The facility is one of the highest and biggest projects under construction in China using such architectural concrete, which will serve as a new case study in the future nationwide, noted a staff member of the constructor China Construction Third Bureau First Engineering.

Photovoltaic power generation systems will also be installed on the roof, while a vertical planting mode will make the buildings green and energy-saving.

Moreover, an urban space integrating theme book stores, distinctive restaurants, creative cafe, sports areas, and public parking lots will be built for the public.